Adding a service or group

Are you a support group?    Local community group?  Do you offer care, support or wellbeing services for East Sussex residents?

If ‘yes’ then you can register and add your service or group information to 1Space for free!

1Space Performance

Want to know more about 1Space? To find out how well 1Space did during 2016, how it's being promoted and the updates being planned, have a read of the ES1S registered providers and groups performance report Feb 2017


All you need to do is read the Registration Requirements and select which of the categories you fulfill. 

When you request registration we will undertake East Sussex County Council internal checks.

How to register and add your service / group

Download the guidance notes:

The editorial guide provides hints and tips for creating your entry.

Making sure you can be found on 1Space


To help visitors to the site find your service / group, you should add it to the relevant categories. 

The Categories on 1Space guide helps you choose the appropriate category under which to display your entry. 

Service levels

Each service / group falls into a particular service type. Each service type has different service levels available to them to highlight key parts of a service. 

Service levels are shown in the list of search results.

The Service Levels on 1Space guide shows the service types on 1Space and the current service levels within each.

Additional information fields

It helps people comparing services to see similar phrases. Information fields are listed at the foot of a service page to allow the visitor to see the features of a service and be able to compare quickly against other services.

The Additional Information Fields guide shows you which are available on 1Space.

Using Internet Explorer 11? 

You may experience some compatibility issues. Use the Internet Explorer 11 Guide (PDF) to correct the issue.